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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Upper Gussy in the News!

The Upper Gussy was written up in the Newtown Bee, the local paper.  The name of the ariticle is Upper Gussy opens for Hoof and Tread.  If that link doesn't work then click on the Newtown Bee link, got to the features tab and look for the title of the story.

Did a little trail ride this morning and once again the trail did not dissapoint even after all the rain we just got.  This trail drains really well and the muddy spots are few and far between now that this section of the trail is finally fixed.  The armoring needs a little tweaking because coming down there is a big root that throws to the left of the trail and your really need to be heading right down the middle.  

Probably going to need to create a by pass for our four legged friends -- maybe that could be a good project for NBLA on May 31st when they come for some trail work.


Here is a little video of what it's like to ride the armoring.  It needs some work but for now it will make this muddy section no longer muddy.

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