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Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year's Resolution

The storm over Christmas appears to have brought down another tree on the Gussy.  This happened to come down along my favorite section of the trail that was until recently blocked by another blowdown that someone recently cleared. This blowdown, however, is a major problem.

I reached out to the Housatonic Valley Chapter of New England Mountain Bike Association and Andy Engel, who is a master Sawyer offered to come out and help me clear the blowdown and build a skinny at the same time.  He wasn't doing anything New Years Day so we met at the Echo Valley Parking lot, hiked in and got to work.

Andy cut the top part right at the point where three branched because that would make a good entry point for the skinny

We put a log underneath it so we could turn it.

Then Andy went about cutting the other end

After he cut it initially he had to cut another piece off the end because we couldn't get it over the edge of the trail

We then started moving it by levering it inch by ince

Until we were able to get to the other side of the trail

To line it up with the up and over

Andy shaved the top

And voila! New Year's Resolution Skinny and drop

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