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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Curb your Horse?

I encountered no less that 4 piles Equine Excrement on the Gussy Trail this weekend. I thought the proper way for equestriennes for stopping along the trail is to point the rump of the horse off trail in the event that Trigger drops a massive so it doesn't land on the trail. These examples don't appear from a walking horse more like one that was stopped. Now before you all get into a huff and tell me it just chewed up grass, please ride through on a bike sometime and let all that check up grass cover Your fourth point of contact and hydration pack, and then report back to me whether it's a pleasant experience try to clearn it off.

While it's great to see more signs of trail useage from both mountain bikers and equestriennes alike, it would be nice if the latter user group cleaned up a little after their animals. Please kick the crap off the tail!

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