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Please hold off from sawing any more big trees

Monday, June 4, 2018

Please hold off from sawing any more big trees

The State of Connecticut DEEP Forester reached out to me to get the word out to not cut anymore trees because the state wants to log them out and the trees loose value if they are cut to the wrong size. 

Also please refrain from making any reroutes, too, because if they do log what's fallen there is going to be plenty of work to be done.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Latest Report from Upper Paugussett

My neighbor's son, Bucky, and I went in to Upper Paugussett to finish opening up the Mulikin Trail to the Poly Brody Fire Road and it was a chore.  It looks like my initial reroute on the Hunters Trail won't be necessary because some folks came in and opened that part of the trail again.  The tree that fell didn't land on the trail, rather right next to it so that part is open.

Where I am doing my reroute we found that the crown of this tree that was blocking the Upper Mulikin had been trimmed to open the trail up. There were signs further up the trail that someone had a cut a few things but didn't finish the job, unfortunately.  The good news about this development is now I don't have to open my reroute to trail users before it's time because there are more tweaks that need to happen.

We weren't able to move the tree trunk at the point where the Mulikin goes into the fall line decent but we did an awesome job with the next blowdown!

And the next

And there were two more after this one that we cleared as well.

However, the new illegal trail is still screwed

This blowdown is about 50 yards in from the Forest Road

As you can see there a few trees on it, too.

Some little stuff on the Forest Road that heads back to Echo Valley but we were too tired at that point to do anymore work. Not sure what the rest of the forest road looks like but it can't be pretty.

The tree down on the Forest Road before the Gussy Trail is going to be a big job

But wait, there's more!

I find a lot of crap in the woods left by hunters. Chairs, milk crates, water bottles, coffee cups, but an empty box of shells? This is a first. 

It looks like someone might be working on this end of the forest, is it DEEP or just a vigilante chainsaw wielding hikers?  That was a really big tree that was cut and in a few places, too. I saw fresh tire tracks in the mud so it has to be someone with a reason for being in there. That longer piece furthest away will make a nice skinny.

However, the entrance to the Echo Valley Parking Lot is still closed.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Upper Paugussett is Closed

On Wednesday, the day after the tornados (unconfirmed) hit North Newtown I tried to get into the forest on two separate occasions and all I found were trees down at the trail heads.

You couldn't even get into the State Forest at the end of Echo Valley Road and when I am came back a few days later and was able to get up to Sidney's driveway (the Yellow House on the left) I found that a really big tree had come down in the drive way before the parking lot.

On Friday I was able to ride a little further in but didn't get very far!

The Sanford Road Trail Head was equally blocked. As I rode by there a second time I just couldn't think about where you could reroute around this.