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Upper Paugussett is Closed

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mulikin Trail is Reopened!

The Trail Gnomes have been busy, opening the Mulikin Trail up
after the Hurricane and Snotober.

The Hurricane brought down this tree completely blocking the trail.
There was a crudely forming go around but that's no longer necessary.

Cuttings from the big tree are being used bridge this muddy spot.
If it were me, I would just route around it all together.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Equestriennes are back!


It's not like they ever went away but they don't seem to ride much in winter.
Their presence seems to be smelled more than anything.

It's not that they are not welcomed, afterall the Upper Gussy Trail is a shared used use trail.
It's really more of the fact that they refuse to clean up after their horses.

And the argument of it's just chewed up grass doesn't really fly.
How about I eat celery and carrots for a week and take a crap in your front yard?
It's just chewed up vegetable matter, right?

All I am saying here, is when your horse does a dutie on the trail,
please dismount and kick that shit off the trail!
Afterall, shit is still shit.
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