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Please hold off from sawing any more big trees

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some recent visits to Upper Pauggusset

Haven't posted in awhile but I have been riding so here are some pix, observations and commentary!

August 14th

Dead tree on the Mulikin
The steep section on the Mulikin is really rutted out and needs a re-route!
I have walked this section with the State Forester and he agrees
Details to come 

Somebody routed around the roots on Al's Trail
Stupid line, of course - people who don't know how to build trails
shouldn't be doing trail re-routes!

Gussy Singletrack look schweet!

August 21st

Ferns at the Sandy Re-route really define the trail well

Streaming sunlight at the Beer Stop Roller

Pedal Fcuker at the Beer Stop Roller

Qm'ing the Beer Stop Roller

Reach around is riding schweet!

August 28th

Did some clipping


Opened up the Log Ride Short section

No more leaves in the face!

I think I might take out this up and over before the Sandy Reroute
It hurts the flow


Always at a loss for naming this section, it's a transition point of sorts
It's a blind curved and there is a really nice white pine growing into the trail
that I want to preserve

The White Pine Preservation!

There is a nice spine line to the east of this pine tree that I want
to reroute the trail onto and give others a B option, too.


The section leading to the Irene Blowdown is also clear.