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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second Trail Marking Session

Rode this section today. Here is the map of my second endeavor to mark the trail. Only I ran out of engineer tape at Point H. Added some more variation to the trail that will make it interesting.

Originally, I had routed the trail through a stonewall at point A and then made a 90 degree turn due south. There were two problems that I couldn't seem to address while riding through there: (1) widening that turn; and (2) climbing up through this little draw. When I walked it, I found another breach in the stone wall a little further north, so assuming that one of the breaches would be used for horses and the new one, which is even more challenging for bikes, I still needed a way to create some sort of ramp up or run way to get the rider ready for this stunt. That is when I found that the terrain stays pretty even by going around the hill top in front of the stone wall.

Point B is the Tunnel of Love, pictured above. The tree that fell is on the border with the state land with the town ROW and we can't have the trail on town land, so the Tunnel of Love acts as a great deterrence for keeping out motorized vehicles, such as ATVs. What this means is that the trunk to the south of the Tunnel will have to be cut.

When we first looked at using the ROW it presented a challenge further up the trail and not shown but there is a stream that has fanned out over the old road and crossing that would be messy. That is why the route goes up behind this confluence and does find some interesting terrain. The first break in the stonewall that I found to run the route through had to cross a huge rock garden. The stream runs through this rockgarden and in fact in fans out like a delta. Thus, where you see the letter C is the new crossing further up.

The intermittentant stream that runs through this part is much narrower and the banks are distinctly defined. So the trail makes a much smoother transition to the other side and sets up for even climb.

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