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Monday, April 28, 2008

Rider Feedback on the Upper Gussy Trail

My first feedback on the Upper Gussy Trail who rode the trail without me leading the way. Equally impressive was that he was able to find the whole trail!

The ride was nice although it took me a while to find it. I turned off the fire road--prematurely by the blue ribbon and blue blazes--which turned out to be a dead end, Further down, after riding on the fire road more, I saw the yellow ribbon and hopped on the trail.

It was very squishy at the north end (still top layer of organic) but I had a blast. A couple spots (as you had forewarned) were almost impossible to discern but after a dismount and careful examination of either the crushed leaves or the yellow ribbons, I figured out the trail direction.

I took the liberty of raking (with a sideways motion of my foot) a large part of the these areas that have yet to be raked. Also, at a couple of the larger logs, I located some flat rocks for ramps. The log jumps are still challenging but more conducive to "not stop the flow." There are a few awesome sections with lots of hairpin turns, especially after I crossed the stream, etc. I enjoyed the ride a lot and plan on returning (probably with my son) to stay on the bike more now that I know the line. :-)

I "christened" our benched areas with tire marks and rode toward Sanford Road but turned around and headed back to the car where the trail disappeared into the leaves on the downhill.

I definitely will be back for more trail bldg whenever I can make it - I enjoyed that as well.
Congratulations on creating a potentially great place to ride!
One note - thought I was done with the re-routing but there is still one more section that still needs some work.

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