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Monday, November 3, 2008

The latest on the Upper Gussy

If you have been following my blog Cycle Snack you will see that I have been riding the Gussy quite often.  I also regulary receive feedback from other riders that are on the trail on the weekends, too.  The biggest issue right now, with the leaves down, is being able to follow the trail.  I have added more green engineer tape to mark parts of the trail however it seems it is still difficult, especially if you are not used to following the impressions bikes leave in the leaves.

Depending upon the temperature and whether the ground is frozen I might try to do another trail maintenace day on November 23d.  I think I want to concentrate on the lower end of the trail near Sanford Road that got some initial attention but hasn't been touched since.  As with every TM, I hope to have ride afterwards.

The latest obstacle to be introduced to the trail is called the Short Log Ride

Remember, if you are riding in the fall Monday through Saturday to where blaze orange because it's hunting season.  I have not encountered any hunters on the Gussy, in fact all my interaction with hunters so far has been on the fire road.  Also, it would behoove you to wear a bell as a way to further announce your presence to the hunters.

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