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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Wet Spot was wet!

Last Sunday there was an inch of snow in the forest and a week later the snow was gone yet everything was frozen. We must have got somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 6 inches of rain all day Thursday and Friday morning and the deluge certainly had some interesting effects on the Gussy Trail that may require some more tweaking. There were certainly some surprises.

It looks like some more stream armoring may be necessary where the trail comes down from the funnel and cuts across the little vale over to the Log Ride Short. This wasn't really a surprise and it will be an easy fix because there are plenty of flat rocks on the side of the vale. In fact it could turn into a neat stunt - a rock skinny.

Surprisingly, there was a pool of water near the Three Sisters Roller that is completely blocking the trail. I ended up cutting around to the west. While that is doable if you roll the Sisters but I think I will create a bypass more to the south encompassing a rock outcropping that might have some drops and additional rollers to ride.

Via Roma is holding it's own especially with the increase in water flow. I would have liked to have gotten more footage but I was running short of time.

No surprise here, nor at the other stream crossings. Just more water than usual flowing. All three crossings are holding up nicely.

Makes me thirsty just looking at it.

The Wet Spot, after 9 months of being bone dry was actually pretty wet. Which means more armoring will be required.

And finally, the DEP put up a no motor vehicles sign at the trail head off of Sanford Road. Hopefully, some of the ATV riders will have enough of a conscious to head this sign.

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