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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trek Bicycles / NEMBA Trail Care Series Upper Gussy Season Opener

The Trek Bicycles / NEMBA Trail Care Series at Upper Paugussett Season Opener will be on May 3rd, starting at 9 AM.  All participants, provided they sign the waiver, will be eligible for a  Trek Bicycle drawing at the end of the season.  You can read about last year's winner, CT NEMBA's very own Paula Burton, over on the CT NEMBA website.

We'll meet at the parking lot at the end of Echo Valley Rd and we'll concentrate our efforts on the sections of the trail between the old Right of Way (ROW) and the Jeep Trail that starts off of Sanford Rd (see map above).

Areas that I want to concentrate on is benching the small climb behind Roller at the second intersection with the blue trail.  There is some dead fall atop that boulder that needs to be moved, too.  Widen a turn down from the stone wall breach and maybe adjust the trail through there, too, as well as take care of a dead tree that is still standing and finish the benching that was started last year near the Jeep trail.  The work areas are marked in red on the map below.  

Please ensure to bring water, sturdy shoes, gloves and bug repellent.  Please try to arrive before 9 AM so we can get everybody signed in and tools handed out.  If you are running late or lost, please call my cell and I can guide you in:  203-733-6240.  

If you arrive late, just head west on the Blue Trail.  It starts in the north west corner of the parking lot.  Follow the trail until you hit the second intersection with the Gussy.  If you don't see anyone as you come upon that intersection, then take the Gussy (heading north) till you find us.  

Also please note, there is active logging taking place at Upper Pauggussett so if the lot is full, please try to park along Sanford Road or near the triangle at Albert's Hill/Sanford/Echo Valley. Do not park along the driveway leading to the parking lot because the logging trucks might have hard time getting through.

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