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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Should Have Known!

Except for the Deer Bait that some hunter placed on a rock lower down on the Gussy Trail by the third stream crossing seeing actual garbage on the trail has been non-existent. However, looking at the DEP Website, I see that the 2009 Spring Turkey Season opened on May 6th, which means time to start wearing blaze orange again. I guess I will just have to keep mum on the huge Tom I saw during my ride.

DEP recommends the following: Eliminate the colors red, white, and blue from your hunting outfit. These colors are associated with a gobbler’s head and could be mistaken as such. To any bikers, hikers, and equestriennes this also pertains to you!
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Anonymous said...

How long does turkey season last? Geez, my bike is red!

Mark said...

May 6-30. Just wear some blaze orange and you'll be fine.