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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greasy Gussy

This is an old pile of road apples still in the middle of the trail from the last time I rode through here. I wish the equestriennes would just get off their horse anytime they pass kick the crap off the trail. Is that too much to ask for? It's funny that at the mere mention of making a stink about it gets me labeled as hater from coast to coast. However, when you ask why don't they do something about it, all I hear are crickets. I think the key is just awareness, keep drawing attention to it and when it finally starts happening, bring it everyone's attention.

Haven't been on the Gussy for a month and there were quite a few blowdowns along the way, like this one here. At first I thought I might move it but it appears people have been riding over it. I want to bench in this section, too, so this will make a good control point.

This up-and-over needed fixing so I spent a little time working on it. What it really needs is a big, flat rock on the side closest to me in this picture.

More horse poop

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