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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tire Tracks on the Gussy?

Doesn't look like an ATV and it while it wouldn't be difficult to get a car up to this point, which is about 50 yards in from the Poly Brody, I think I would have noticed matted down grass on the way that a car, ATV or a tractor would make. Now that I think about it, my guess is that this mark belongs to some sort of hunter's contraption used to haul dead deer.

Not far from those tracks there was an Oak Tree limb down across the trail. At first I was wondering if I could make it into some sort of natural blocker but it wasn't shaped right.

Instead, I did what any good CT NEMBA Trail Ambassador would do, I cleared it away and opened the trail back up.

Seems there has been quite a bit of horse traffic lately and they are doing a much better job at curbing, too. In fact at one point it appears some piles were recently kicked off the trail.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almost only counts in horsehoes and handgrenades ...

but it appears curbing your horse appears to be a new contender to that category. Perhaps it's the relationship to horseshoes that made the rider feel that they only needed to get off the trail a little bit. I appreciate the effort but next time I hope that rump is further off the trail.

By the way, the armoring on the stream crossing is really sweet!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stream Armoring

I took my daughter, Katie, with me today to do some work on the Gussy Trail. I really wanted to finish the Pond Brook Connecter by armoring the stream crossing. First we went deep into the forest to a Rock Store to get a few flat rocks.

Then began the process of arranging them and getting them to fit just right. I found a few flat rocks nearby to supplement, too.

Not only were my boots and gloves wet from working in the water, I was drenched with sweat.

Two hourse later it was done. Now your disc brake rotor won't get wet crossing this stream.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not the right way to block a trail

I ran into a neighbor on his quad yesterday while driving home from work and asked him where he rides that thing, of course the simple fact that he was riding it on the road was illegal, and he knew it, but when he said the State Forest, I had to go see for myself. I don't know where he was thinking but I couldn't see any signs of ATV usage in my area of the forest.

At the start of my ride, I headed down to the Pond Brook to check out the reroute and it's looking good. Figuring I would loop back on the new section of trail and the old section of trail I came across this trail block. While I appreciate the thought just putting logs that way probably won't deter a lot of people. If you want to block the trail you have to put a lot more brush down in order to get your point across that this section of the trail is closed. And what about the other end? Not sure if I mentioned this when I was doing the reroute but I left a spot open for people who might still use the old section.
We'll see if it holds.
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