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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tire Tracks on the Gussy?

Doesn't look like an ATV and it while it wouldn't be difficult to get a car up to this point, which is about 50 yards in from the Poly Brody, I think I would have noticed matted down grass on the way that a car, ATV or a tractor would make. Now that I think about it, my guess is that this mark belongs to some sort of hunter's contraption used to haul dead deer.

Not far from those tracks there was an Oak Tree limb down across the trail. At first I was wondering if I could make it into some sort of natural blocker but it wasn't shaped right.

Instead, I did what any good CT NEMBA Trail Ambassador would do, I cleared it away and opened the trail back up.

Seems there has been quite a bit of horse traffic lately and they are doing a much better job at curbing, too. In fact at one point it appears some piles were recently kicked off the trail.

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