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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raped on the Gussy Trail ... by ATVs!

ATV tracks came off the Poly Brody and headed in on the Gussy.

This up-and-over didn't deter them one bit.

After that little up-and-over rather than continue to follow the trail the tracks head west towards the Blue Blaze trail.

They must have come up from the Blue Blaze trail and picked up the ROW. From here they went through a stonewall break and headed behind Sidney's house and the Blue Blaze trail that goes to the Echo Valley Lot.

I wish DEP would do something about the gaping hole in the perimeter down by Silver City Lane. It's because of this they have open access to the forest and are destroying the trails.

Looks like I will have to spend next spring ATV proofing the trail.

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