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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Shoeing at Upper Paugussett

I know it's been a while since I was last in Upper Paugussett State Forest, in fact the last time I was there I was riding my mountain bike down the Upper Gussy when I hit a hole in the trail that I have hit a thousand times before, only this time my front wheel taco'ed.  For the longest time I have been looking for a good name for this section of the Gussy trail and now I think I have it, Satan's Taco!

From Cycle Snack
While it really doesn't look like a taco the fact that I taco'ed there is why I am calling it this.

So I headed out for a 2 hour romp in the snow.  Started out following some hunter/game trails I found last fall but that turned into a big bushwhacking trip.  Still there are some neat things in the woods between the Poly Brody and the Blue Trail.

I know the picture below doesn't look like much but what I found interesting in these rocks that were arranged here is that the look like they might have been part of a foundation.  If you are wondering why that is unusual is with the exception along Alberts Hill, there is not one visible foundation  that I have come across in the 800+ acres that make up Upper Paugussett State Forest.  This could be plausible because it's off the old road that goes down to the water.

Back on the Poly Brody, it looks like there have been some walkers but surprisingly, no a lot of traffic.

This looks like there might have been ATV through here at one point.

And it appears there have been some XC skiers.

Parking at Echo Valley is nearly non-existent so it's no wonder there is so few traffic.

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