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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Potential Improvements to the Mulikin

I went out Friday and set pin flags for some potential changes on the Mulikin.  I am trying to get the Mulikin recognized by the State so that it will be an official trail but it might take some work.  If I can get it recognized as a trail then I can do some major improvements to it.  The key challenges are taking it off the blue trail and managing the fall line portions.  What I envision is closing the fall line descents in the winter and spring because they are just way too muddy but having them open in Summer and Fall.  To get around them, I laid out a pretty good alternative route.


There is an old trail that I used to ride back in the day that comes off the connector to the forest road that I marked.  But the big change will be wrapping around the incline after the stream crossing, which will probably need a bridge, which then sets up a run along a stone wall and then over to another ridge that will lead down to connect to the graded road portion of the Mulikin.


A big challenge will be the two stream crossings before and after the rerouted section pictured above.  There is going to be a lot of work needed but when it's done this going to be one fantastic trail.  One thing I noticed while laying out the pin flags is that all the pink engineer tape are I keep finding seems to now make sense.  I hope that who ever is doing this might contact me so that we can work together because there is going to be some overlap.

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