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Sunday, April 13, 2014

More logging at Upper Paugussett

It's been awhile since I was last at Upper Paugussett, even on a mountain bike.  

There's been more logging by the Echo Valley Lot

Loggers are using an old trail head to dump their logs

Which has created a pretty big mud bog.  Someone started a corduroy off to the right but didn't quite think it through or didn't have bikers in mind.  I armored the water section and turned a few of the logs to make the transition not such a 90 degree turn. 

And it came out great.  Really smooth ride, at least on a 29er and no mud is encountered.  Just hope the skidders don't run over it when they are working and muck it all up.

The usual wet spots on the Poly Brody prevail but that's par for the course during the spring.

Somebody cut this log that was jutting out in front of the trail.  
Thank you mystery log cutter!
Otherwise the Upper Gussy is looking really nice!

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