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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trail Building

Formal Trail work has begun on the Upper Gussy! The map above shows everywhere that I walked playing trail boss. It's tough trying to manage a project of this scale without some means of portable communication. Next time, I am bringing radios.

In just two short hours the ROW got cleared, the trail now makes a clean dogleg through the stone wall just before the Tunnel Of Love, which is no longer accessible, blasts through a stone wall and heads in the Play Ground unobstructed. On the other end, the trail makes a nice transition off the ROW onto to the bank and then blasts through the "wet area." I cleaned up the pine tree about 30 yards from here.

(Robin Thomson and Robert Butterworth moving stuff in the ROW)

(John Wilkins and Chip McClellan working on the "Wet Area" crossing)

To get a perspective of what this area looked like before:

Granted it's from the other direction but can see the randomness in the rocks that would make this a pretty challenging rock garden, however, this is a multi-use trail and the route must be conducive to both equestriennes and bikers. We found some flat rocks to start lining the tread way but ran out of time. A couple more these and we'll have a cool little crossing.

Paula took charge of the benching on the initial climb up from the Jeep road off of Sanford Rd. Below is the initial climb.

Closer shot of the first climb.

Below is a shot of Glenn, CT NEMBA's Treasurer smoothing out the treadway.

This is Pete Coleman who drove all the way from Maine to attend this Trail Building session - that is hard core!

Pete is working on the benching going into the first climbing turn. Hope to crib this turn sometime in the future.

Below is Peter Westerholm, author of the iBike Blog. Didn't think he was going to make it but as I was making my rounds, I ran into him benching after the first climbing turn.

Paula and Donnie working on the big bench straight-a-way.

Not bad for two hours worth of work. The next trail building session will be Saturday, April 5th, from 9 AM till Noon. Hope to do more benching and finish the stonewall breach that was started a few weeks ago but never finished.

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