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Please hold off from sawing any more big trees

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tree Work - Before and After

Here is some of Tom's handiwork.

The old downed tree along the Right Of Way (ROW)

That tree after. Going to roll some of those big pieces over to the stone wall and make a big up and over. There will also be a stone wall breach, there, too.

Blow downs that created the Tunnel of Love. In order to keep the trail on state land, it has to pass through this area. The Tunnel of Love is technically on the Town's ROW for Echo Valley Road that ends at the forest boundary. Additionally, immediately to the right of the Tunnel is a stone wall cut that I want to block with logs so as to prevent any motorized vehicles from entering the forest at this point. That's the beauty of the Tunnel, instant block, so it's imperative that the other opening is blocked as well.

After the saws! And the Tunnel of Love still rocks! Have to make sure that the stone wall after the breach that we need to block doesn't have any other access points that an ATV could use.

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