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Friday, March 21, 2008

Stream Crossings 1 & 2

Above is a map of the first two stream crossings on the trail if you are coming from Sanford Road. I will deal with the wet area crossing that is closer to the ROW and south of this area in a future post. I was thinking about making the crossing where the loggers made a crossing years ago but Paula talked me out of it. Thus the trail will cross the two little streams that are drains for vernal pools and in the summer these streams barely run at all if I recall. These two crossings are in the original trail proposal that DEP approved.

Another future feature might be installing a bench at the point that overlooks the vernal pool to the east. Granted, in the summer it will be mosquito city but in the fall and spring it could be a pleasant stop along the trail for a guu shot or a cliff bar and some water.

The green track line on the map is from today's ride of the trail and it shows where we re-routed the trail last night. It's not a bad climb and it cuts out the switchback that Paula felt people would just cut off anyway. During today's ride, I cleared out the old ROW just north of there.

Below is a picture of the first stream crossing looking south. I am thinking that the bikes would hit the downed tree as a big up-and-over and the horses would just go around the tree. This tree will make an excellent skinny, too.

Here is the first stream crossing looking north towards the second crossing and further up the trail. The first stream crossing is about two feet wide so the armoring here will be minimal.

Below is the second stream crossing. We cleared out the tree that came down near it last night and opened up the entry point. On the south side of this crossing we'll need to bench leading up to the armoring point.

The second stream crossing is a little wider, probably three feet. The downed tree south of the crossing is a good control feature because it connects into all the blow down right next to the crossing. Some of which were cut up in last night's Trail Maintenance Session.

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