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Friday, March 21, 2008

Wet Area Crossing

Coming up the Right of Way (ROW, portion of trail lined on both sides with stone walls), the trail will turn inwards and go through a considerable rocky portion which is where water seeps through from higher up, show by the light blue dashed line in the map above.

Below is the a good example of the wet area that is a few yards up from the crossing point. As you can see, thanks to the recent weather we had, the darkened area is where the water is collecting, however, it is not a free flowing stream.

(Click on the image for a bigger picture)

The trail will exit the ROW and we'll have to armor the section where the trail will cross over the wet area. The downed tree seen in the foreground will have to be cut to make an opening.

The terrain through this section is considerable rocky. The spot on the other side of the downed tree (facing south) will most likely be armored. Below is a broader view of the area.

The same care and attention to detail paid to regular, free flowing streams will also be applied here to prevent any muddying of this part of the trail.

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