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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Play Ground

This post addresses areas (1) and (2) in the map above. This whole area, I call the Play Ground, for the lack of a better name, because of all the fun stuff there is to ride in here. Up-and-overs, rollers galore, and a huge potential to go large. Hope to add a few skinnies in various spots, too.

1. The number one thing I want to accomplish is benching the trail along ridge (left most blue colored section on the map above) and seen below in the picture.

On the map above I have also indicated (in red) where I want to crib the corners in order to create banked turns for mountain bikers so that they can keep up their momentum through here and create a quasi pump track effect.

2. The Stone Wall. I think the best course of action will be to open the existing wall breach of horses. The first two pictures below show the existing breach facing west.

Here is the view eastwards. What I would like to see happen is a four foot wide (wider if horses require it) opening with a log along the bottom to prevent ATVs I would also like to have posts along the edges of the breaches to keeps the rocks from falling into the opening.

Changing this opening will take the fun out of this up and over. Therefore, to make it more interesting for bikes, a couple yards to the north is another breach that once cleaned up will make a challenging obstacle for mountain bikers because it will encompass a roller and require some ramps built.

Below is a close up looking west.

Even closer. One approach would go up the exposed rock to the left of the marker and then do a 90 degree turn and go up and over perpendicularly to the wall. The other way might come in at an angle and that might be ramped so that it goes to the other side of the tree..

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