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Upper Paugussett is Closed

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Upper Gussy Trail is approved!

It's Official, got the letter from DEP today! There are some recommendations/conditions:

Date: March 3, 2008

To: Me and Paula(1)

From: Laurie Giannotti, Trails Coordinator, DEP

Subject: Proposed Trail Requests for Upper Paugussett State Forest and George Waldo State Park.

The DEP Trails Committee has reviewed the Proposed Trail Request from CT New England Mountain Biking Association for trails in the above referenced state forest and park. This request was reviewed and approved by the District with specific comments relating to trail location and management. These comments should be incorporated into the final project.

Both Trails: Any water crossings must be permitted in advance of construction by the DEP Park Supervisor Nate Hale 203-938-2285 or Gerard Milne 860-379-7085.

Upper Paugussett Trail:

  • The existing connector trail between the boat launch parking and the forest road (Brody road) has a crossing of Pond Brook that does not meet best management practices. There is a steep slope leading directly down to the brook that is eroding. This area may need a bridge or a re-route.
  • Mt. Biking should be restricted to dry or frozen conditions.
  • Contact Howard Kilpatrick, DEP deer management specialist 642-7239 to discuss recommendations on trail impacts to permit quotas.
  • A portion of the boat launch parking area will be delineated as a trailhead. Please coordinate this with the Park Supervisor, Nate Hale 203-938-2285 or Gerard Milne 860-379-7085.
I have sent Mark a Cooperative Trail Agreement form which the trail sponsor(s) must complete and return to me prior to construction. After DEP review and approval of this Agreement, copies will be forwarded to the sponsor, the Recreation Unit, and the District HQ for the files. An additional copy will be kept in the State Parks office in Hartford.

(1) Paula submitted a trail proposal for George C Waldo State Park, which is directly across the Housitonic River from Upper Paugussett State Forest for a new trail there.
Just need to find out what's going on with Deer Management. Just have to send in the Cooperative Trails Agreement and construction can begin in earnest!

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