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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Old Bucket

Here is a shot of the old bucket that I found laying near where I am re-routing the trail to hook up with the new stream crossing. There was nothing else in the area near this bucket. The bucket itself is rusted on the bottom and has a gapping hole at the bottom, on the other side. My guess on it's age is from 1920's or earlier. The metal that the bucket is made up of resembles other items that I have seen in old garbage dumps. If anyone has a better idea of when this type of metal was actively used, please post a comment a with your thoughts.

For now, the bucket covers a stump of where the trail will go, between the trees and the big rock in the back ground. The trail will split off to the left for horses and bikers coming the other way (north) after the big clump of trees, which is after the big rock you see. Further off in the distance the trail (for bikers heading south and looking for something to play on) is a large rock outcropping that you will be able to roll or ride over it's entirety and drop the other side.
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