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Please hold off from sawing any more big trees

Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12 Trail Building

Tom and I met at Pond Brook this morning. We planned on rain or shine and fortunately the rain rolled in at around 5 AM and was done before 6. Tom brought his chain saw and I decided to bring the pry-bar. Man is that thing heavy! It was like I was back in the Army humping an M-60 and playing ammo bearer at the same time. It was worth bringing it though because it got some usage.

We started on the connector trail, then hit my secret sauce trail as a short-cut to the Brody Road. We took the Brody to the Yellow trail and then to the Blue trail, back on the Yellow till we hit the Upper Gussy. Getting to this side of the trail carrying tools, water, additional gear and that freaking pry bar was a bear!

We worked on the up-and-over at the downed fir tree. The chain saw came in pretty handy but I think the northward side ramp (to Tom's right) needs to flipped over so that it creates more of a ramp if you wanted to hit it from the other direction.

Then we went over to the two rock ridges and cleared out the middle section. Tom showed me some alternative routes for horses to climb up the first ridge which will work for bikes but coming down the other side has always been a little sketchy, especially with these three big rocks in the way. So we moved on out of the way to open it for future benching.

On the other side of the second rock ridge we opened a section that would be the best way for the horses to go. Made a log corduroy but come to think about it it's really not that challenging. Then we headed down to last tree that was blocking the trail and finished cutting that. Then we levered it into position so that an existing rock that that is ramped could be used to make it into a log ride.

Just need to build a ramp on the other side and this stunt will be complete. The trail will be benched above the log ride and I might build a little connector off the trail.

We spent the last 30 minutes walking the section that I rerouted the other day. Marked it with tape and Tom had some great suggestions that I incorporated into the trail.

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