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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reversal of Fortune Details

Here are the details from my ride today (Reversal of Fortune Ride) on the Upper Gussy, only this time I rode the whole trail from Sanford Road to the Brody Road. Made some adjustments along the way, too. The detail section marked re-routed in the bottom part of the graphic above had been bugging me for the past month and it turns out as you come down the hill you would naturally go through the area that I now have the trail routed.

The section that we marked yesterday I cleared with my handy bike pruners. Everything looks good hear except for one little section that I think is too steep. I eyeballed it and I think the example below best represents how the last climb should run. This also ties in nicely should anyone on two wheels decide to drop the Rock-n-Roller or come through the stone wall and hit the roller on the other side, this will be a perfect funnel on the way down and a much more manageable ride on the way up.

Thought I would share with you the some pix of the ROW (Right of Way) that I keep talking about. Below is the stonewall breach that Rich and Tren did an awesome job of dismantling and if you mash on the pedals after rounding through the other breach that was done back on March 29th you can catch a little air.

Here is the other breach that opens into the Right of Way.

This is the start of the ROW from the second breach. The orange markers are actually small stumps wrapped in orange engineer tape by Bob Butterworth after the Trails Workshop was over for future removal.

Below is the view at the intersection with the Blue Blaze trail.

Past the Blue Blaze trail, where I used to have a little up-and-over on a log blocking the trail.

In the Hemlocks

Further into the hemlocks

Leaving the ROW and heading toward the wet spot/rock garden.

The Rock Garden/Wet Spot Crossing

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