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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trail Construction Phases

Construction of the Upper Gussy Trail will be in five phases. The reason for these phases is so that we can keep control of what is going on in a particular area and ensure that people know where to go in the event of they come late to a trail building session. I would appreciate that if anyone wants to go out and do work by themselves to contact me and ensure they are familiar with the area that they are going to work in and know what has to be done.

For the most part, the route of the trail is clear in Phases I, II, and part of III. Only stuff left for clearing in these three phases have been marked with yellow spray paint.

The top part of Phase III and the section of Phase IV past the downed fir tree still need to be marked and hopefully that will be done by next weekend. Phase V is completely cleared because this is an existing trail. The only work needed here, besides some benching further up the trail, will be a big benching project to get up the other side of the stream bank.

Phase Decriptions

Phase I: Starts at the Trail Head on the Jeep/Logging Trail that comes off of Sanford Rd and ends at the ROW. The ROW is the section of an old farming road that is lined with stone walls. This section of the trail crosses the blue blazed trail twice.

Phase II: Begins at wet area crossing, winds up behind a ridge, goes by a big vernal pool, makes the two stream crossings, picks up the old logging road for 100 yards and then makes it's way to the third stream crossing.

Phase III: Starts at the third stream crossing and ends where the the old logging road seems to disappear in the forest. There is an old trail at this point that connects to the blue trail.

Phase IV: Begins at the old trail and heads back towards another big vernal pool, follows between some small ridges, goes over two small ridges and then picks up the existing trail at the downed fir tree.

Phase V: Is the Pond Brook connector trail.

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