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Monday, April 7, 2008

New Stream Crossing

This is the area that Tom suggested on Saturday that we should move the third stream crossing to. It's actually where an old skidder went through, probably twenty years ago. Nice thing about this spot is the bank is like a zero entry pool on both sides, while still being narrow and flat. When you look at this crossing point you can see that the skidder went perpendicular to the stream but our crossing ill be on 60 degree angle to tie in the approaches from either direction so that there are no steep climbs, which is mainly the case on the west side of the stream.

Below is looking to the North East.

This is the view looking South West. Due West the hillside is much steeper so the trail, once crossing the stream will run parallel for twenty yards and then make a sweeping turn back to the North, up on higher ground and continue that direction.

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