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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock Cairns and the Wet Spot

Two new sculptures on the Upper Gussy Trail. I haven't been on the trail for what seems like a month now and did a ride before work this morning on the Qball. Found this first one on the technical part by the big boulder.

This one (sorry for the blur) is on the tree at the up and over at the start of the re-route. According to Rob, there is another rock cairn somewhere else along the trail but I haven't see it yet.

These are cool because it tells me there are hikers or hikers that are artisans that have found the trail and are using it.

Did some work on the Wet Spot this morning as well. Hard to tell in the picture below but the horses can past softly on the right, bikes too I suppose but then there would be no challenge, and bikes on the left on what I have tried to construct is a rock bridge or skinny. Rides nicely but I imagine it will need some tweaks.

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