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Upper Paugussett is Closed

Sunday, March 9, 2008


We had quite the turn out from all the participating groups on the Upper Gussy Trail. Representing Connecticut Forest and Parks was Rob Butterworth and Eric Bengston. Rob drove all the way down from Central CT. Representing NBLA was Cindy Miller and Tom Ramsdorf. The CTNEMBA contingent was Paula Burton and myself.

Wish I took pictures but there was so much going on there wasn't any time. We made some changes, widen some turns and talk about some branching or splitting the trail for bikes and horses. Many great ideas were passed around and shared. It was a totally cooperative experience from all three user groups.

It looks like we have a solution for crossing the low area between the ROW and the other side. The trail will now go most of the way down the ROW and then hit a little of the rock garden at the end because the water here goes under ground at this point. This will be tough to configure but it will be the driest!

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